Die Neuvorstellungen des Monats Juli



Death Comes Crawling - In My Memories, Old (7:48)
Looking for Semblance has all the essential ingredients, and Dis Pater didn't even have to tweak his metal sound much to get this; the album's cold monotone vocal delivery, echoing production, and swelling synths are instantly familiar. The tracks' beats are the danceable mid-tempo beats of an 80s dance floor, mingled with a bouncy bass and a ringing post-punk guitar line. Pater's oddly uplifting melodies have the feel of minor-key hymns, a feeling emphasized by his heavily layered chorus vocals.
 Executioner's Mask - 1988 (4:22)
EXECUTIONER’S MASK announce their debut album “Despair Anthems” set for release on CD/LP/Digital on July 10 (pre-orders early June). EXECUTIONER’S MASK is the dark post punk child of three unlikely suspects: Jay Gambit of the noise metal unit Crowhurst providing vocals, Ryan Wilson from the legendary Intestinal Disgorge lending both guitar and drum programming and LACE and Cop Warmth’s Craig Mickle handles even more guitar. Offering a modern take on the classic blueprints set by bands like AFI, The Sisters Of Mercy and Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry.
 Chemical Waves, Bedless Bones - Denied  (3:38)

Italian post-punk project Chemical Waves has unveiled the spellbinding Video for “Denied”, a song highlighted on On Even When We Fall Apart, and featuring Estonian vocalist Kadri Samil aka Bedless Bones.

 Deep Purple - Nothing at All (4:42)

 Angeles - Celebrate (3:27)

Angeles is an American rock band from Los Angeles, United States, formed in 1977


 The Big Dirty - Take It Slow (4:01)
 Imperivm - In A Holy War (4:06)

Founded in 2010 by Atticus, Marcus and Spartacus; the band member's nicknames are all made-up with Ancient Roman/Latin words and real names.


 Conception - Of Raven And Pigs (4:45)

Conception ist eine Power-/Progressive-Metal-Band aus Raufoss, Norwegen.


 Ice War - Soldiers of Frost (4:09)

ICE WAR ist eine kanadische Heavy-Metal-Band


 Carnal Agony - The Witching Hour (4:45)

schweden power thrash metal


 Beyond The Black - Misery (3:44)

Beyond the Black ist eine 2014 gegründete deutsche Symphonic-Metal-Band. Ihre Mitglieder stammen aus St. Wendel, Bamberg, Bayreuth, Kronach und Oberhausen.


 Desiree's Vision - Beowulf (4:18)

orlando florida myspace seite


 The Lust - Take My Life (3:01)

gothic metal aus Skt Petersburg


 Dark Sarah - The Dark Throne (4:19)

Dark Sarah ist eine finnische Symphonic-Metal-Band


 Ensiferum - Rum, Women, Victory (4:16)


 The HU/Papa Roach - Wolf Totem (feat. Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach) (5:17)


 Cult Of Frey - We Forge This Land (In Blood and Steel) (7:18)

CULT OF FREY is a Folk/Pagan Metal band from East Yorkshire, England. They began their career back in 1991


 Eisregen - Ruhet sanft (3:25)


 U.D.O. & Das Musikkorps Der Bundeswehr - Children of the World (6:35)



 Gaerea - Null (6:00)

Black metal Portugal gegründet 2016


 Hardfail - Fight On (4:33)

melodeath San francisco bay 2016


 Trivium - Bleed into Me (3:48)

 Bury Tomorrow - Better Below (3:12)

Bury Tomorrow ist eine fünfköpfige englische Metalcore-Band aus Southampton. 2006 Sony music unter vertrag


 Adramalech - Mortal God (4:39)

Adramelech ist eine Death-Metal-Band aus Loimaa in Finnland. 1991 gegründet


 Volturyon - World Pandemic (3:38)

Schwedische Antwort auf Canibal Corpse 2006


  The Acacia Strain - Inverted Person (3:23)